The Windows operating system has something called the Event Log, where many different applications and system services issue a lot of useful warnings, alerts and informative messages. Normally you don't see these messages at all when they are being sent, because the event log is completely silent, and you have to go deep into certain operating system administration tools to look at the contents of the logs at all. This log often contains very important and interesting information though, so it is of great value to know about the things written there, and preferably immediately when they are added too.

With the Event Log Tracker you get notified as soon as a new message is added to the event log by any source, and you can also easily customize if you want to be notified of this type of message again, or even if you don't want to be notified of any more messages from the originating source at all (e.g. a certain application). You can also get instant up-to-date information from the internet about what any event message means, by simply selecting the "Get more info about this event" option (see screenshot below). Just like all the other tools in All-Seeing Eye, these notifications are being sent through the common GUI of the central alerting and notification system, making it very easy and intuitive to recognize and react to these, no matter which tool they are originating from.

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