Anders Ingeborn, CEO of Fortego Security

Fortego Security is a Stockholm based consulting business, providing qualified services and knowledge within the field of IT security.

We work in a very strong network of business leading specialists, resulting in high flexibility and the ability to always provide the best suited specialists for every single assignment. We pride ourselves with providing a very high level of competence while at the same time having highly competitive rates. Today we are working with more than a dozen consultants of different backgrounds and specializations. The average work experience among these is about 16 years in the business.

The company was founded by Magnus Bråding and Anders Ingeborn, both having Master of Science degrees in the field of computer science from KTH, majoring in computer security. Magnus is a certified information systems auditor (CISA), and Anders is a certified information security specialist (CISSP), and also the author of several articles in the IDG owned IT security magazine "Säkerhet & Sekretess". He has also been giving several lectures in Sweden, USA and Holland.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact Anders Ingeborn on phone number +46-733-893379, or by email at:

Our model

When we say that we treat IT-security as something more than a purely IT-related issue, we mean that we aim at treating it both from a perspective of corporate risk management, and from a traditional security perspective. This in turn means that we seek a balance between e.g. IT protection, protection of physical property and protection of human resources. Balance is one of our most important keywords.

IT-security is from several viewpoints harder to implement than the other types of protection though. In addition to this, many IT environments are also highly complex, while at the same time having loosely defined demands on security. This often results in implementation of on-the-fly fixes and patch-job security measures with low efficiency and an all too high price tag. The problems are sometimes even further amplified by "holy grail" security products that are advertised to solve all security problems, while in reality only giving a false sense of security, which is even more dangerous than the initial situation.

Our firm belief is that there is no single product or technology solving all problems. On the other hand, even fairly simple solutions implemented in the right place can result in a great improvement of the effective protection. With our deep understanding of corporate reality combined with our goal of long-term commitment, we can help you increase your all-round security step by step. We do know that our preventive services have a tangible result, and with our surveillance service we can also measure it.