With today's hostile Internet environment, specifically with the large amounts of spyware, viruses and hacker tools, a lot of small utilities are floating around designed to help users monitor certain detailed aspects of their computers. All these tools have mostly completely different designs, completely different GUIs, and some are not even working very good at all. This results in a lot confusion and extra work for users to be able to monitor all necessary aspects of their computers. You have to fill up the computer with a plethora of small utilities that need to be learnt individually, and which can often interfere with each other and consume unnecessary amounts of system resources.

All-Seeing Eye was created as a solution to this. Our goal is to provide a single tool that monitors all different important areas of the computer and operating system. This goal also includes providing a better and more easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and better user interaction procedures than other tools, while still also providing better additional features and functionality.

The screenshot here to the right shows the main control screen of the program. As you can see, it is very simple. It will show you which monitoring tools are active (default is all), and you never have to touch or see any settings at all if you don't want to, not even these! The program will adapt and set up itself, all according to your answers to the alerts it displays when something out of the ordinary is detected in the computer (see below for more screenshots of such alerts).


What Does It Do?

When compared to e.g. antivirus software, All-Seeing Eye has two big differences:

  • The first difference is that All-Seeing Eye is not actively preventing actions from taking place in your computer, but it is rather monitoring everything that takes place, and then alerts the user as soon as anything suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary is happening, providing the user with alternatives for possible actions.

  • The second difference is that it is not basing its monitoring and alerts on a list of known threats, but it rather learns what is normal for the specific computer in question, and then detects anything that is new or out of the ordinary. This way, it will detect also unknown threats, like for example a completely new spyware program, or a hacker breaking into your computer with a custom made tool.

This methodology has many advantages, and it is a great complement to antivirus software (which we do of course in no way encourage you to stop using, but rather the contrary).

A more figurative distinction between All-Seeing Eye and normal antivirus software would be that antivirus software could be considered as an automated cannon at your front door, making its decisions about shooting an approaching stranger or not by comparing his appearance to a large database of mugshots. If there is a match, the cannon will shoot and destroy the stranger trying to enter your house, but if there is no match in the mugshot database (e.g. if the stranger isn't an ex-convict), it will stand silently and let him pass. Once inside the house, the stranger can then completely undetected and completely undisturbed pack up all your stuff and carry it out the front door if he wants to, past the ever so silent cannon. When you get home to your cleaned out house later that night, you will have no idea what has happened or who did it, and the cannon won't be of any help either, but rather just stand there silent as ever (that is, if it doesn't think your shocked face looks too similar to someone in the mugshot database...). All-Seeing Eye on the other hand, can be compared to a system of tiny cameras and detectors placed throughout your entire house. As soon as a person who hasn't been there before enters the house, the system immediately takes a picture of him and alerts you on your mobile phone, showing you a picture of him and asks you if you want to neutralize him or clear him as an authorized visitor. Even if you do clear him as an authorized visitor, anything suspicious he might do (for example starting to finger your safe or putting a piece of jewelry in his pocket) will be immediately reported to you, again asking if this is to be considered a permitted action or not. This way, even a perpetrator who comes to your house perfectly disguised as one of your friends, will be reported as soon as he starts doing anything suspicious.

As you can see from the description above, the two systems (antivirus and All-Seeing Eye) complement each other very well. As the current trend goes though, with an increasingly large percentage of perpetrators (i.e. spyware and other malicious programs) not being recognized, your intelligent surveillance system gets more and more useful.

But then you might say, sure, it might be very good and all, but I know I will get really tired of being alerted all the time of every little thing going on in my computer. But not so! The system will learn surprisingly fast what is normal and not normal in your computer, and from every response to a new alert from you it will learn even more. After only a couple of days, there will practically be no alerts at all, as long as nothing suspicious is going on. And to be really honest, isn't it worth clicking away a handful of messages, spread out over a couple of days, to get a trained and highly intelligent surveillance system making sure that nothing is going on behind your back in your computer? We sure think so anyway.

The Tools

The program consists of a collection of tools that monitor important areas of your computer, areas in which spyware and other malicious programs practically always leave some kind of trace when they sneak into your computer. To make the program as easy as possible to operate, use and understand, all the tools work through the same framework and user interface, although in some cases being quite different "under the hood". For more info about the tool system, please click here.

To learn more about the specific tools of All-Seeing Eye, please see the following pages. For more detailed info, please refer to the helpfile included with All-Seeing Eye. Please note that several additional tools are currently being developed to be added to the program, which is under ongoing development.


Download All-Seeing Eye 0.7.1

(yeah, it's completely free for everyone!)

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System Requirements

All-Seeing Eye runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Example screenshots of alerts from the program: