Spyware, viruses and hackers are always looking for new and inventive ways to have their code surreptitiously executed in the computers of their victims. One little more advanced technique for this, that has become more and more popular among spyware authors and hackers lately is to install so called "Winsock Layered Service Providers (Winsock LSPs)" in their victims' computers. Not only does it secretly execute the malicious code whenever any network communication is happening (which is practically always in a computer today), but it also provides an excellent opportunity for the attacker to also record and manipulate all network communications that take place in the computer. This is a highly desirable feature especially among spyware authors, as you may understand.

Because of these risks, it is quite good to keep track of which Winsock LSPs that are actually installed on your computer, and be able to remove the unwanted ones (not all of them are bad of course, otherwise it would all be much simpler). All-Seeing Eye notifies you of any added, modified or removed Winsock LSPs in your computer, to give you an excellent opportunity to detect and act upon any kind of unwanted activity related to this.

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